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Novels and short fiction by Lisa Hofmann

A Fairytale Fantasy: 

Trading Darkness [novel]

Once upon a time, a demon from the depths of the earth decided to seek the light of love. 

When human weakness destroys that love, a yearning for vengeance awakens within the ancient soul, and the fiefdom of Wildenburg becomes home to many kinds of men and monsters. A never-ending spiral of cruelty and sacrifice is set in motion. Over the centuries, wars, hunger, and witch trials cripple the little fiefdom, until one day, the reigning lord discovers that not even his own children are safe from the fiend his ancestors helped create. 

There is truth at the heart of every fairytale, but a fairytale can quickly turn into a nightmare, and only one person has the power to break the curse that has befallen the land: a young woman who has lived all her life in darkness. Can she find enough beauty within the beast to put an end to the killing? 

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From the Dies Irae Series:

Fairyflies [short fiction] 

A mercenary is sent to kidnap a nobleman's daughter. He decides to take a shortcut through the forest, but that shortcut turns out to be a path he'd better not have taken.

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Stealing the Light [a fantasy novel]

The age of magic is over, and the hunt for the Unnaturals is on. Two young people with the Curse grow up amid the chaos of a changing world. Catherine learns to survive on theft and manipulation. When she steals from the wrong man, she has to learn several lessons the hard way, but she will employ every last one of them to plan her revenge. On the other side of the forest, the secret community of the Cine take in a refugee boy from the Sudlands. Lorcan’s magical Abilities surpass all others, but the lad’s father brings tragedy upon the safe haven. 

Murder and betrayal shape the lives of both Catherine and Lorcan as they become adults, but while one of the two sets about stealing the light, the other plunges headlong into the darkness. 

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Fire [short fiction]

Lorcan is seven years old. He has been on the run for as long as he can remember, and the whole world seems to be on fire...

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 Into the Dark [a fantasy novel] 

A year has passed since the Master Sorcerer’s murder. Lorcan Aurum returns to Ironstone to make a life for himself there, while Catherine Salt is forced to join a troupe of traveling harlots and sell her body to survive.   The merchants’ guild and the Inquisitor’s determined effort to destroy the Unnaturals bring about a shift in the political balance of the Duitiscish Kingdoms. Both Lorcan and Catherine find themselves faced with few and difficult choices. Though worlds apart, the connection they share is The Fair, but Lorcan is bound by an old promise to protect the Master Sorcerer’s legacy, whereas Catherine is driven by ambitions that might cause more damage to the Unnaturals than the Church ever could.

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Fairypeople [short fiction] 

Mary is old. There are times when it all seems too much. She feels the burden of her years and the weight of the world upon her shoulders. She misses the loved ones she’s lost to the persecutions, hunger, and sickness over the years. One day, in the deep of winter, Cassandra, the queen of Ironstone, comes to her, asking her to take in a special boy who is in grave danger. Mary cannot refuse him sanctuary. The boy is one of the last Fairychildren. No matter how much the world has changed, one thing remains: hope is the heart of everything, and it’s what she lives for. It’s what The Fair stands for. 

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